Essay about A Research Study On Quantitative Research

Essay about A Research Study On Quantitative Research

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Many describe Quantitative research method as the oldest form of social research and trusted by most researchers as they believe that anything that has been proven with the help of numbers cannot be wrong (Alston & Bowles, 2012, p. 10). Basically Quantitative method deals with numbers, the researcher 's own presence is minimal and has deductive approach. It is most commonly used when, one began with a Hypothesis and that needed to confirm or reconfirm through research. It is a type of research in which the researcher decide what to study, ask specific questions, collects quantifiable data, analysis these data and conducts the enquiry in an objective manner. Generally, quantitative research is to gather or collect information that can be inferred to large populations of people and it’s an approach of testing objective theories by examining the relationship amongst the variables. ( Creswell, 2009). For example, point in reference would be Social isolation, which is a widely discussed social illness; older people are particular at risk of suffering its consequences.
According to (Tant, 2011), despite major funding for services for older Australians living in the community, including services to counter social isolation, there is a lack of evidence that it does so.
Employing the quantitative research method, allow the researcher to state the research problem in a very specific, definable and set terms. In this case, the researcher identified four discourses affecting how social isolation is experienced which are neo-liberalism, ageism, social democracy and positive ageing (Tant, 2011, p. 40).
The purpose of the research was to explore the experience of social isolation amongst the older people in Australia. The first research que...

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...ative method to collect complete data. Many concluded that Mix research is better and most recently has been a popular research method used by many researchers ( Creswell, 2009).
Once the researcher has an understanding about the research then they can go ahead wit the survey to understand people’s opinion. Reading document is a qualitative method and taking survey is a quantitative method.


The type of method researcher can use is depends of the topic of research. Both quantitative and qualitative methods have strength and weakness and both can be used in order to collect complete data. The researchers relax a lot in quantitative method as he/ she knows that the result is dependent on the sample, which has been chosen. Whereas in qualitative method, it demands lots of reading to arrive at a conclusion. Research is necessary to complete a project.

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