A Research Study On Quality Research Essay

A Research Study On Quality Research Essay

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Quality Research
The topic of research has yielded a multitude of definitions and theories as to what it truly is. One just needs to conduct a simple search via the internet to see how vast the responses for definitions are. One key term that is repeated in many of the definitions is systematic. Cottrell and McKenzie (2011) state their definition as: “a systematic investigation involving the analysis of collected information or data that ultimately is used to enhance health education knowledge or practice and answers one or more questions about a health-related theory, behavior, or phenomenon” (p. 2). In additional, Cottrell and McKenzie (2011) note that just because research is conducted and completed does not ensure that it will meet the criteria for good research. Numerous studies are carried out that “are not done well and whose results are questionable” (p. 11).
Two types of research exist, quantitative and qualitative. The traditional method of research, is quantitative, also known as positivist, experimental, or empiricist, and this method produces answers regarding relationships between measureable variables. A key feature of this method is that it incorporates the well-respected procedure called the scientific method: (a) stating the problem, (b) stating testable or measureable hypotheses, (c) designing a study to test the hypotheses, (d) conducting the study, (e) analyzing the data using appropriate statistical tests, (f) stating conclusions based on the findings, and (g) identifying new research questions (Cottrell & McKenzie, 2011).
The qualitative method, also known as interpretative, constructivist, postpositivist, and naturalistic, and the one to be used by this author, addresses the questions asked t...

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... that the purpose of research is to shared gained knowledge with colleagues otherwise it serves no purpose (Cottrell & McKenzie, 2011).
Research provides invaluable information to the ever growing collection surrounding a given topic. Conducting research should comply with and be submitted to the scrutiny of well established guidelines and principles that include fundamental characteristics that will afford the researcher admiration from colleagues, acceptance in the scientific community, and more importantly, allow the researcher to maintain integrity. Failure to adopt and practice with adherence to the aforementioned characteristics and fundamental principles of research, increases the likelihood of shoddy work, inaccurate findings, errors in conclusions, thus minimizing or even eliminating contribution to the field, colleagues, and society as a whole.

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