Essay about A Research Study On Potty Train Toddler Boys Properly

Essay about A Research Study On Potty Train Toddler Boys Properly

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The purpose of my research is to gain knowledge how to potty train toddler boys properly. My son, Gabriel Belfiore is two years old. He will be three in June. He has been showing signs of readiness for quite sometime. Gabriel has been waking up with a dry diaper each morning and he has been more curious about potty usage. My child has reached different milestones since the day he was born. Each one has turned out to be a success. I believe his milestones were successful because my husband and I have worked with Gabriel continuously. My title for this research goes well with my topic.
The reason why I have made, “Gabriel’s Next Milestone” my title is because he is about to graduate from pull-ups to big boy underwear. However, the potty training process takes time. Each milestone a child hits will become time consuming. It is best for us parents to be patient with our child and to make sure they have our support. Milestone is a term that will follow children for life. It allows them to develop and grow mentally. Erin Swilling explains, “developmental milestones are markers that are set forth by early childhood experts as a tool to measure a child’s growth in four primary areas of development.” Potty training is a big milestone. Every child faces it differently. This is a big thing, and a exciting journey for the parents and toddler. With Gabriel and I being a team, this is something we will work together until he know longer needs me.
My son starts pre-school in August. The director of his pre-school has reached out to me and has let me know that potty training has to begin before he can start. This was the main reason why I became so motivated in potty training. Since he is showing signs of readiness, it is ideal that we begin t...

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...child has a different way in learning. It is how they develop emotionally. It will happen when the toddler is completely ready. However, it is still important for myself to get my son ready. He may not be fully ready, but I can still work with him. Having different techniques and guidance help. During this experience, I am learning a lot too. He is maturing more and headed toward to the three year old stage. Potty training has been the main discussion for this age group. Erin Swilling explains, “The importance of Developmental Milestones is two-fold. It validates and reassures parents that they are providing the skills, information and ideas needed to raise a happy, healthy, well adjusted child.” However, it provides the family and child with a great amount of support. Gabriel has great support and that is what helps him progress each day during this journey.

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