A Research Study On Lifelong Learning Development Of A Child 's Language And Literacy Skills

A Research Study On Lifelong Learning Development Of A Child 's Language And Literacy Skills

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In accordance to DeWalt et al (2004), the ability to acquire knowledge is of utmost importance as successful learning, subsequently prompts prosperity and wellbeing. Furthermore, an individuals’ capacity to acquire knowledge, in turn facilitates lifelong learning (Perkins, 2009). Lifelong learning begins in early life, and the home, educational and societal environments play an integral role in the development of a child’s language and literacy skills (Lingard, Nixon & Ranson, 2008). Furthermore, Thompson (2003) proclaims that a profound awareness of a child’s “virtual school bag” is imperative for efficacious literacy instruction as it encompasses “various cultural and linguistic resources” (The English Teacher Guru, 2012). Within all aspects of the curriculum, literacy is inherently associate with learning. Additionally, “talk is intrinsic to literacy and to our ability to form relationships with others. It is the foundation of both verbal and emotional intelligence” (Fisher, 2007, p. 616). Although “talk” is used as a means of improving a child’s literacy learning (Campbell & Green, 2002), the quality of “talk” can significantly influence children’s comprehension (Siraj-Blatchford & Manni, 2008). Hence, empirical and academic research has revealed that “talk” is an imperative component of childhood education as it enhances a child’s ability to acquire knowledge, whilst interacting with peers and teachers (Sheridan & Pramling Samuelsson, 2001).

The home and educational environments are sociocultural settings where knowledge is shared through interactions with others, in turn resulting in the formation of relationships, morals and beliefs (Cole, 1996; Castanheira et al., 2001). Hence, cognitive development is perceived as a ped...

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...nd literacy skills. A teacher’s understanding of the “virtual school bag” (Thomson, 2002) concept is crucial for the formation of cognitive skills and interpersonal relationships. However, “taxonomy of troubles” (Freebody, Ludwig & Gunn, 1995) arise when teachers are unaware of students’ prior knowledge. Rather than supporting literacy learning by building on prior knowledge, the teacher–controlled approach used in Transcript Two (O’Neill & Gish, 2008) makes attaining useful knowledge somewhat difficult for the students. Transcript Two (O’Neill & Gish, 2008) is characterised by a lack of elaboration as the teacher disregards the connection between literacy skills and real life. Whereas, the mother figure in Transcript One (O’Neill, 2009) encourages the child to count the number of eggs in an attempt to portray the importance of literacy skills in a real life context.

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