A Research Study On Kidney Damage ( Malin, T., & Birch, And Birch Essay

A Research Study On Kidney Damage ( Malin, T., & Birch, And Birch Essay

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kidney damage (Malin, T., & Birch, A., 2010). Then, in cognitive, the individual experiences a cognitive impairment, which includes lack of concentration, difficulty to organise their thoughts and make mistakes. These features can lead individuals to behaviour patterns (aggression, apathy) as they think there is no more options to cope with stress. In behaviour, individuals feel tired and lazy.
Although, the GAS model gives a wider vision on linking stress to illnesses, it does not take into consideration the psychological factors, such as past experiences which will determine how an individual might respond to certain situations, and individual differences, such as personality and cultural background. Besides, the effects of the stress on the body might vary according to the people, their age and their cultural background. Moreover, this stress response is more related to our ancestors as they were dealing with stressors which push them to fight or flight to survive and to adapt (Gross, R., 2005). Thus, it can be said that the stress response might differ on individuals as each body is different and ages; as the ages have changed and alongside them humans.
However, individual differences might affect how people react to a stressor which are types of personalities, gender and cultural background. There are two types of personality, the first one, A, refers to individuals who are competitive, determined, ambitious and enjoy the achievement of goals. These individuals are more likely to be under stress as these characteristics lead to have high levels of cortisol and adrenaline and to have heart diseases. The type B person has an easy-going perspective of life. They are more patient and relax; hence, they are not under stress and t...

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...-term as its benefits are not seen immediately. Besides, it just addresses biological response not psychological. On the contrary, the social support technique provides psychological and cognitive help. This environment makes patients’ lives less stressful as they can express their feelings and change their thoughts. To support this, a study conducted by Kulik & Mahler (1989 cited in Cardwell, M., et. al, 2000) indicated that there is a more rapid recovery from a heart illness when patients are surrounded by friends and relatives. This implies, that having social support is relevant to cope with stress.
Consequently, it can be said that all the strategies might work to deal with the stress. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of a strategy depends on the situation and individuals as what might work for one person might not work for another and sometimes using both methods

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