Essay on A Research Study On Infant / Toddler

Essay on A Research Study On Infant / Toddler

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During this assignment, I needed to observe infant/toddler from birth to 36 months. The observation was for 30 minutes while the infants interact with the world. While the observation, I created a running record observation to keep track of the developmental domains. The observation took place in the ECE classroom. There were three children which were Charlotte, Loui, and Benjamin. They were placed in the center of the class where there was different kinds of toys. During the observation, Charlotte and Loui were interacting with one another. However, Benjamin wasn’t interacting at all. Loui interacted with classmates and went outside the circle to get some toys.
Emotional Domain
The emotional domain involves emotions and feelings that the infant/toddlers develops toward him/herself and toward other people. The emotions of the child has to do a lot in the environment they are raised. During this observation, we saw two types of toddlers. One child showed, to be secure of his surrounding and the other felt scared of the situation. For example, Loui interacted with the classmates by giving cones of different color. When he gave me a cone, I said to him “Thank you.” He understood that I appreciated that he gave me a cone. He came back again and gave me another cone. Also, Loui would laugh of anything and saw that everyone in the class was laughing too. On the other hand, Benjamin developed a feeling of unsecure and was just in the arms of his mom and dad. The mom tried to put Benjamin down in the floor, so he would interact with the other toddlers. However, Benjamin began to cry because he didn’t feel secure leaving mom. There a moment where a classmate tried to talk to him, but he got mad and hug his mom with aggress...

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...r. She didn’t have any difficult time in grabbing the toy because she had experienced many activities using her finger.
Conclusion and Reflection
As you can see, there are many types of development that are part of the child’s life. The environment in which an infant is raise, has to do a lot with his/her development. I was surprise by this observation because there were different personalities. Loui was the child who interact more with the students in the classroom. Also, he was surprise of the things that he was able to do by using his gross motor skills. Charlotte imitate the behavior with the toys that were in the classroom. On the other hand, Benjamin was insecure child that needed to be near his mom/dad. I learned many things from this activity. I was able to understand the concepts because I related to the observation. This will help me in my future studies.

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