A Research Study On How Couples Can Be Developed And Integrated With ( Bowen ) Concepts From The Systems

A Research Study On How Couples Can Be Developed And Integrated With ( Bowen ) Concepts From The Systems

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In real life situations relationships can be perplexing. When problems surface, people tend to get absorbed and deal with specifics at hand and ignore the main source of the problem. As a result, failure to comprehend the dynamics underlying our relationships leads to unresolved conflicts, therefore, leaving people stuck on the same problematic issues. Millar & Roger () indicate three basic dynamics, which include power, affect and respect. These dynamics always feature in relationships and they continuously influence our behaviour. Tackling underlying larger issued enables parties involved to see what is going on, therefore resolving their differences. In today’s world couples fight about specific issues such as money, sex, other people, how to raise the children, how to spend their free time and distribution of household duties. This essay will discuss couples (Sarah & John) dynamics as represented in a case study with reference to literature and integrated with (Bowen) concepts from the systems theory. Strengths and challenges will be identified, two hypothesis questions will be developed and a summary as feedback for the couple provided. To conclude the essay and overview of the case study will be highlighted.

It can be complicated understanding who we are in a relationship especially if we do not know ourselves. G is complex and exhibits actions driven by emotions, beliefs and one’s perspective (Carl, 2006). It is these behaviours demonstrated in a relationship that negative or positive. Usually a negatively impacted marriage constitutes of a lot of weaknesses leading to separation or divorce, whereas a positive marriage remains strong due to strengths of both parties (Corey, 2009). In support Goldenberg & Goldenberg (2000)...

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...tified that weaken John and Sarah’s marriage. The discovered contributing factors will need to be discussed and resolved.

To conclude the essay, research has show that lack of differentiation of self in a relationship contributes towards an emotional and dysfunctional family unit, which may lead to separation or a divorce. Bowen’s theory (1978) informs us that an emotional is encompassed by high anxiety levels and bad patterns of interaction. Moreover, the emphasis is on people to understand the marriage dynamics in order to prioritise resolving them. A counseling with a positive attitude towards the couple can help to revive the chaotic marriage and reconnect them again. Considering the couples dynamics in the case study, the counselor will map out and use genograms to understand family patterns which, will be an indicator of emotional behaviors exhibited by John.

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