A Research Study On Family Planning Essay

A Research Study On Family Planning Essay

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In recent discussions of family planning, one controversial issue has been whether to send more contraception to poor countries or use other methods to help the women in more poverty areas. Family planning is the planning on when to have a child and the techniques used to follow that plan. Such techniques involve sex education, prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections, preconception counseling and management, and infertility management. On the one hand, some people argue that sending contraception to women in other countries could help deal with family planning especially with young girls who aren’t ready to have a child. Others believe that giving out contraception would not help family planning because there are other issues that muddle with family planning. These other issues have to deal with how the overpopulation tends to occur in poorer countries. Even though they agree that there is overpopulation and family planning is not working, they think it should be handled by teaching women, no matter what age, about their rights and contraception. Others tie in gender equality to the topic of family planning. One thing all the sources agree on is there needs to more more education about contraception and women’s options brought to these countries.

On the contrary, others argue that sending women contraception does help the issue family planning. The ones that support sending contraception to these countries discuss why birth control is still a big idea. In poverty-stricken areas there are many women getting pregnant who do not want kids, people who can not afford contraception, and even husbands who refuse to wear condoms. The advocats to this side of family planning believe that birth control helps better t...

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...oor countries the over population rate would decrease and the lives of these people would be better. “If families could not choose the timing and the pacing of their children, she argued, then they could not reduce or eliminate the social conditions that fed into the cycles of poverty, disease, and neglect so readily apparent in tenements and slums in the inner cities” (Margaret Sanger).
Without planned parenthood mothers could lose children because they can not afford health care, teenagers could die from pregnancy complications, and pass away because an abortion went wrong. Having a child comes with many responsibilities and many women who are not ready for these responsibilities are having unwanted children. This problem could easily be solved by providing poorer countries the proper birth control needed so they can have children when they think they are ready.

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