A Research Study On Evolution And Evolution Essay

A Research Study On Evolution And Evolution Essay

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According to The Huffington Post, only 66% of adults in the U.S. believe in evolution and about half of the 66% believe that there was a divine being guiding evolution (Kaleem). A lot more people believe in creationism than expected. In order to know the full significance of this statistic, one must first know what it means. We have learned in school that evolution is thought to be a long-term, ongoing process by which single-celled organisms grew to be complicated organisms through natural selection. Natural selection occurs when organisms with the best traits survive to reproduce more, making those traits more common and effectively changing the species over time ("Natural Selection: Charles…”). The rest of the 33% of adults in the previous statistic believe that humans have existed in their current form since the beginning (Kaleem). In other words, these remaining people are likely creationists. Generally, a creationist believes that a god or some divine power created the earth and the heavens out of nothing, through its own will. This creator will interact with his or her world as necessary (Ruse). Using this definition, Christians would be considered creationists. Now, when factoring in the amount of Christians in the United States, that 33% makes more sense. Naturally, these two ideas clash. Their very definitions negate the other’s. Evolutionists and creationists have an ongoing battle about which one is more valid due to the extensive amount of accreditation and history the ideas possess.
The study and idea of evolution have been going on for a long time and there is a great deal of history behind the theory. An article reports that even before Charles Darwin, scientists and philosophers ...

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... the possibility of an “intelligent being” (“Creationism Should Be…”) Teaching evolution would also be bad for students, according to Christians. Some blame modern science for diluting the integrity of God and man. Fighting for creationism in schools is a righteous act in their minds and these creationists must do their best to bring Americans back to a God. (“Neither Creationism nor…”).
There are plenty of reasons why each theory should be taught in school. However, the question still stands of whether or not they should be. From a fair perspective, they should both be taught. However, from a legal standpoint, only evolution should be taught. Perhaps one day the United States will not have to worry about this issue. According to a study, the amount of non-religious youth and adults have been increasing for several generations and this trend will continue (Lipka).

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