A Research Study On Ebola Virus Essay

A Research Study On Ebola Virus Essay

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The world in which we live is quickly globalizing. Individuals around the globe are building up a typical awareness of the world as an evolution of interrelated segments in which changes are made in one part of the world have an impact somewhere else. Ebola virus outbreak last year is an example of how this virus in South Africa makes evolutionary changes all over the globe. Starting from universal infection and control standard to experimental studies to find a proper medication. All be it in the context of language, social, religious, or ethnic differences. The media and Internet reveal people to natives’ lifestyles, and occasions outside their resident settings (Sussmuth, 2007). Universally, education systems highly acknowledge the importance of global study that introduces students to different cultures, and knowledge. Those students are the connection between the countries all over the world for the purpose of globalization. In 1991 Altback, claimed that international students are ‘‘at the center of a complex network of international academic relationships. They are the human embodiments of a worldwide trend toward the internationalization of knowledge and research in an integrated world economy’’. (As cited in Erichsen, 2011 p,110)
In the Sultanate of Oman the issue of developing human wealth has been a priority for the policy makers since 1970 as it plays an essential role in economic growth. More specifically, Sultanate of Oman represented by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) provides two types of scholarships: internal and external. In external scholarships the government sends a number of students to study abroad in all academic degrees like undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral. For instance, in academic year ...

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...the value of their profession. Essentially, the home country sends their students abroad in order to develop their skill and be an expert in their profession. Finally, international perspectives are that students are fully aware of the world around them. Naturally, students will be familiar with the environment around them from many aspects like, the nation of the host country and culture, beliefs, attitudes, community services, and geographic aspects. In other words, the students gain knowledge, skill as well as adventure while they study abroad. Similarly, the benefits for students transfer to both host and home country as well. Specifically, both countries benefit from internalization, which can lead to understanding of cultures, as well as exchange, knowledge and skill between students. For this reason, international study is a business issue for both countries.

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