Essay on A Research Study On Dissociative Identity Disorder

Essay on A Research Study On Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Mental illnesses are obstructions to a person’s life as their day to day life becomes a hardship due difficulty they have to maintain a productive life. This articles focuses on a naturalistic observational study of a thirty month span. The study consists of a sample of patients with dissociative identity disorder. Their goal is to determine whether treatment causes any improvement on the patient’s life. A sample of 119 patients who suffered dissociative identity disorder where surveyed and studied. According to the survey patients who were treated their symptoms became less obstructive as they were able to integrate and relate into society.
Dissociative identity disorder is a disorder where an individual contains more than one relatively different and autonomous identity. An individual who suffers dissociative identity disorder suffer symptoms of memory loss, loss of identity due to some identities often overpowering the others, and loss of sense of self and consciousness. Other symptoms of DID consist of depression, post dramatic stress disorder and suicidality. Treatment for this disorder is not definitive as it varies with the individual. On rare occasions the therapist or the one who treats the patient comes to a decision that one of the other identities can lead an individual to a life of efficacy rather than the original identity. In this case they put the original identity to sleep so that the much stronger identity can take over as the main identity.
Not many patients can afford the level of costs that it takes in order to be treated. DID is one of the disorders that uses more outpatient therapy than any other disorder. On the other hand if treated they still a high chance of misdemeanor in the treatment since dissociativ...

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...ctivities but also the financial burden it bestows an individual. The naturalistic observation showed great improvements the patients gain, even if the symptoms weren’t fully relieve it gives prospect that eventually this individuals can integrate into society and become model citizens. Mental illness are hard to deal with and if ignored can lead to an unfavorable outcome for the individual. A life of mental illness can lead to unproductivity, violence and even death if not dealt with. Therefore as shown, patients who undergo treatment improve in social situations and activity initiation. Therapy can be a well resource for a person who suffers internally, it doesn’t necessarily need to have a mental illness to go. Therapy is a way to find things a person otherwise was unaware of. A therapist can bring to light that in which obstructs you in order to better yourself.

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