Essay on A Research Study On Community Health

Essay on A Research Study On Community Health

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Community Health was taught in 5 year period in different modules. The course was divided into 8 components with a total of 14 credits These modules include; Biostatistics and Demography, Environmental Sanitation, Epidemiology, Control of Communicable Diseases, Maternal and Child Health, Research Methods, Occupational Health, and Health Services Management. Under Research Methods, students were introduced to Qualitative and Quantitative research. Also, some Modules were delivered in tutorials lead by students under the supervision of a tutor. The course led into a leadership and community Placement programme that culminated into a capstone project. The students were required to spend six months in the community addressing a health problem. In a group of 5, we design and implement a hand washing project in Kasha A village which was diagnosed with intestinal worm infestation and diarrheal illness and among children. The Project improved the number of homes with washing facilities in the village by 45% within 4 weeks.
The Biochemistry was taught in 3 semesters over and carried 17 credits. The modules include; Introduction to Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Molecular Immunity, Metabolism and Metabolic Disorders myself, Metabolism and Metabolic Disorder II, Hormones and Nutrition. The Introduction to Biochemistry module covered the chemicals of life and cell biology. Under Molecular Biology and Molecular Immunity module, we covered the concept of the cell cycle concept in details including the concept of carcinogenesis and cell regulatory mechanisms. Under Nutrition and Hormones, the synthesis of hormones in the body, and mechanism of action were covered.
Similarly, the Anatomy Course was covered in 3 semesters and carried 23 cre...

... middle of paper ... taught over 2 semesters and carried 20 credits. The course covered obstetrics and gynaecology problem in details and emphases the public health approach to sexual and reproductive health problems in Uganda. The student was also trained in detail on how to handle Obstetric and Gynaecological emergencies in the Clinical setting. Furthermore, the course also offered skills workshop for students.
Surgical Course was taught in 2 semesters and carried 20 credits the course was designed with the clinical theory and clinical practical modules. The course emphasised basic surgical skills and management of surgical emergencies. In addition, the course also had surgical specialities that were taught to students. These surgical specialities carried a total of 16 credits and included; Anaesthesia, Ophthalmology, Clinical Radiology and anatomy, Urology, and Ear None and Throat.

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