A Research Study On Children And Adults Have A Prevalence Of Diabetes And Heart Disease

A Research Study On Children And Adults Have A Prevalence Of Diabetes And Heart Disease

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Case Study
This case study is about a community in which the children and adults have a prevalence of diabetes and heart disease which is higher than the national average. The superintendent of three high schools within the county is concerned for the future health of the children in her school and wants to institute programs that would increase their health and decrease the risk factors. Many of the residents of the county are overweight and have a history of diabetes and heart disease. The county is very diverse with an ethnic population comprising of African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, and Asians. Many of the families in the county are on some type of a government aid and support. The funding for after school activities has been cut due to the schools not meeting the physical education requirements by the government. As a public health nurse, I am given the responsibility to institute a teaching program and help in order to facilitate better learning and education for students and their families.
Screenings and Assessment
Since the majority of the population of the county has diabetes and heart disease, my first step would be to instill a free clinic to screen for a family history of diabetes and heart disease. The traditional or the most common way to do so would be by encouraging the families and their children to go to their local healthcare clinic and get tests such as; complete blood count, fasting lipid panel, stress tests, blood pressure, and blood glucose or A1C tests done to determine if they have diabetes or heart disease. I would try to assess the children to see if there is any correlation with their family environment and structure and their health status. Assessment data such as age, weight, body...

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...ity can achieve all of these goals by setting up daily objectives such as when shopping for groceries, select fresh vegetables and lean meats, walking half a mile a day, drinking at least a gallon of water a day, making sure the house is clean and there is peace in the home environment. All of these things can facilitate proper and effective learning for the children and the families.
The awareness and implementation of goals and intervention, the community on the whole can be impacted in a positive way. These types of programs and goal will empower the community to make the right health and lifestyle choices. Even though there is a lack of funding, and the socioeconomic status of the community is below the national average, there is still hope to improve the overall awareness and health status of the community and the high schools within.

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