Essay on A Research Study On Cancer

Essay on A Research Study On Cancer

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My topic is on Cancer. Firstly, we ask what Cancer is. According to National Cancer Institute (NCI), “Cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all types of cancer, some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues”. The history of cancer dates back to the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries when it was first observed and ever seen, researches, time and money has been put into understanding the cancer, but it seems that cancer is always on the winning side evading all medical and scientific researches. Cells are the smallest units that make up all living things, including the human body. There are billions of cells in each person 's body. According to American Cancer Society, “In 1761, Giovanni Morgagni of Padua was the first to do something which has become routine today he did autopsies to relate the patient’s illness to pathologic findings after death. This laid the foundation for scientific oncology, the study of cancer. The famous Scottish surgeon John Hunter (1728-1793) suggested that some cancers might be cured by surgery and described how the surgeon might decide which cancers to operate on. If the tumor had not invaded nearby tissue and was “moveable,” he said, “There is no impropriety in removing it.” Cancer back in the early century was thought to be sickness for the older people, but the trend has been in younger children’s, babies, and younger adults and animals. There have been researches done on what causes the cell start to multiply and divide without stopping, but none could pinpoint the cause of cancer in the human body. In addition, all what we have are speculating on the cause of cancer and trigger a deadly cancer diseases, speculation such as sm...

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...tored and drugs are administered with specific molecules involved in cancer cell growth and survival.
Blood-Forming Stem Cell Transplants this is another form of treatment of cancer patients, it was recognized in the early 90’s; it’s literally a the step-by-step procedure of two types of transplantations used with high-dose chemotherapy.
In conclusion, why I choose this topic is due to the fact that cancer has really touched people closed to my families, I have lost uncle, aunt and friends to various from of cancer. Also, it is unfortunate that we still have not found a cure in eradicating cancer with all our modern equipment’s and technologies. I still believe that the future is brighter than ever, despite our short coming in cancer difficulties; I have faith that soon or sooner, the cure of cancer would be found and millions of people can be safe form the epidemic.

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