A Research Study On A Short Time Frame Essay

A Research Study On A Short Time Frame Essay

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This research project was carried out within a short time frame, therefore, along with many constraints confronted in this study was the amount of time given for the completion of this research project. An extensive study in this area requires consistent data updates, as market sentiment is subject to frequent changes. Also the results in one period in time may differ substantially from the other, which may lead to a different conclusion. Although the research period for this study was chosen randomly based on the latest available data at the time of the research, the conclusion cannot be generalized. In addition, the 5-year period covered in this study is relatively short, for a better analysis the period should be extended to cover different economic conditions ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’. Although a long time period may give a more accurate result, the disadvantage is that it ignores a structural change that may occur during the time frame. Similarly, this study was based only on 20 quarterly observations; however, to get a better picture of the true volatility of returns more frequent observations are required.

Furthermore, the methodology used in this study was based on a quantitative approach, which is objective in nature. However, by adopting both objective and subjective point of view could have added extra value to the research. It is also important to point out that a selected sample is relatively small compared to the universe of funds. Due to publicly available and easily accessible information, a focus of this study was only on mutual funds. However, to gain a better view other asset classes such as hedge funds, private equity funds also need to be taken into consideration, the results of which are sparse or non-existent...

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...search can investigate whether the size of the fund has any impact on the performance. Since funds fees declined with the increase in minimum initial investment requirements, it is interesting to find out whether funds that attract the most capital are able to take advantage of the economy of scale, and thus, improve their performance. It is immanent that investors in these types of funds are able to save on fees; however, it is unclear whether they can gain more value.

Finally, it would be useful to learn from the investors’ point of view the important factors they might take into consideration when choosing a particular fund or a particular strategy, e.g. reputation of the fund, fund size, time in existence, the past performance in different economic conditions, and whether their chosen investment strategy as well as a manager is able to meet their expectations.

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