A Research Study of Teenage Pregnancy Through the Years Essay

A Research Study of Teenage Pregnancy Through the Years Essay

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Pregnancy often occurs among younger women between the ages of 13 through 19 years old. In 1939, there was one incident where a child at the age of five, Lina Medina, was recorded as the youngest person in history to give birth and become a mother.
The data which has been collected to support the subjects above will include qualitative and quantitative information. The qualitative approach is about understanding the phenomena, answering questions, and exploring issues. This data is collected from surrounding developed and developing countries which include information from schools and hospitals. This information will aid in the process of gathering data about teenagers. The qualitative collection of data will show the number of occurrences in teenage pregnancy.
The quantitative and qualitative data for the study will also include information from clinics and health departments pertaining to teenage pregnancy. The data collected will be placed into two categories, differentiating the age difference of the teenage mothers below the age of 20 years old. The two categories were sexually active with contraception versus unprotected sex.
Questionnaires were beneficial in procuring data needed because most teenaged mothers were not well-educated when it came to those in countries still emerging. Applying the answers from the questionnaire to graphed information was formulated in a way to not upset or offend the individuals who completed them. It was short, clear, and easy for teenagers to comprehend.
Based on the information used from the questionnaires, the appropriate steps of Title IX of the Education Act of 1972 were used to protect the rights of teenagers and parenting teen...

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... thought the best time to begin families were between the ages of 17 to 25 years of age. Those from a privileged group thought the best age for pregnancy was between the ages of 20 to 30 years of age. Some of the issues were lacking quality because of the high attrition rates, inappropriate study designs were too weak for use, the numbers were too small to be included in the studies, there was variability in the outcome measures reported, inadequate quality assessment of studies involved, the use of surrogate outcomes such as personal viewpoints, knowledge, and the lack of long term follow-up. The data has had some limitations such as surveying. This set of data was subject to sources of non-sampling error. This included factors such as possible misunderstanding of questions on parts of the interviewer or respondent and bias due to giving socially desirable answers.

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