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Forensic Entomology or the study of insects as they relate to medicolegal investigations is a relatively young yet fast growing science. Insects can be used in a variety of ways to prove or disprove facts of a case. It is up to the crime scene investigator to properly collect and preserve this evidence until an expert in the field of entomology can inspect the evidence and give their expert opinion. It is then up to the prosecution not to get the evidence thrown out due to showing excessive amounts of the same evidence or showing the jury inflammatory evidence that is hard for most people to stomach. Chances are as a common citizen, most people would find a majority of entomological evidence inflammatory due to the graphic nature it tends to be related to. However, this evidence still needs to be submitted into record with discretion taken in the selection of any photographic evidence related to insect activity.

The Bugs Will Tell on You!!!
Entomology is a very young science, however its uses and application to forensics is growing. Experiment after experiment of the process of decomposition and all of its contributors can prove how long a corpse has been decaying; it is simply a matter of applying known information on insect life cycles to those insects found on and in a corpse. However, insects that aide in the decomposition process are not the only insects of interest in criminal or civil cases. Insects have existed on earth for about 250 million years; comparatively humans have existed for about 300,000 years (Byrd, 2014). Such a tremendous amount of time has allowed insects to attain a wide diversity in both form and development. There are currently about 700,000 described species and it is estimated that there may be more...

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...guilt in the death of his family. His alibi was that he was in Ohio, where he rented the vehicle on business and that he didn’t leave the state. The bug evidence showed that he drove the car from Ohio to California and back again. (Kimsey, 2007).
In conclusion, insects as evidence in a criminal or even a civil trial are crucial evidence. The investigator should understand the importance of this type of evidence as well as how to collect and preserve it to ensure the case is as strong as can be when it comes to evidentiary value. Insect evidence could help determine when someone died or it can be used to disprove an alibi among many other uses. As shown, insects can help put a murderer behind bars as well as exonerate them. It is the duty of a crime scene investigator to follow the evidence and allow the evidence to tell its story, not tell a story with the evidence.

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