A Research Study Focused On Ells ' Learning Styles, Strategy Preferences, And Patterns Of Practice

A Research Study Focused On Ells ' Learning Styles, Strategy Preferences, And Patterns Of Practice

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analytic generalizations are usually adopted by qualitative case study since this type of study is more likely to “strive for generalizable findings or lessons learned… that go beyond the setting for the specific case … that had been studied” (p. 40). Finally, it can be concluded from the study findings that such a small sample size would not fully and effectively represent international students from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
Evaluation of a Quantitative Survey Study
The second article I selected is based on a quantitative research study focusing on ELLs’ learning styles and strategies. The purpose of the study is to investigate “whether there are identifiable differences in learning styles, strategy preferences, and patterns of practice and use between more effective and less effective learners” (Wong & Nunan, 2011, p. 148) studying at Hong Kong tertiary level schools, and if there are differences, whether these “differences are consistent with findings in other contexts” (Wong & Nunan, 2011, p. 148). The overarching research questions are: “Are there differences in the learning styles, strategy choices, language use and attitudes towards the target language by more effective and less effective language learners, and. If so, what are they?” (p. 148). The theoretical assumptions are generated from the literature reviewed by Wong and Nunan based on the variables intended to be tested. The implied hypothesis is that there are differences in learning strategies, styles and other preferred practices between effective and non-effective language learners, so the selection of a quantitative study was appropriate to test the hypothesis. The researchers used online survey and questionnaire as data gathering instrument whi...

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...study settings and enhancing the validity of the study. However, not all study findings are transferable even though two study settings may resemble in a lot of ways. Researchers can always give suggestions about whether or not the research findings are transferable; however, it is the reader as the researcher that makes the decision whether or not to transfer the findings and the possibilities and significance of doing so. Qualitative generalizability is similar to quantitative transferability. Even though what makes a good qualitative research is particularity instead of generalizability (Greene & Caracelli, 1997), it is still believed that the results of some qualitative case studies can be generalized to new cases in other settings (Yin, 2014). In this case, analytic generalizations which were discussed earlier are possible to be achieved in qualitative studies.

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