A Research Scientist From Duke University Essay

A Research Scientist From Duke University Essay

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On his own website, Neil Shenvi, a research scientist from Duke University, posted his opinion on prochoice arguments and why they are flawed. Abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973 and since then the fight to make it illegal is still ongoing. Shenvi makes it clear that he is pro life from the start and believes that abortion is murder. He takes 11 prochoice arguments and explains how each one is inaccurate. He claims if you uses these arguments you should change your stance on abortion. . Neil Shenvi uses moral arguments, scientific facts, and government control to prove his points.
In the beginning of the article Shenvi uses the argument “it’s moral to kill a fetus as long as it can’t feel pain” and says that murder is never morally justified. He explains how killing comatose or anesthetized adults is clearly immoral, therefore this argument cannot be used to justify abortion. An unborn baby is a human being, it has it’s own DNA different from the mother’s and maybe even a different gender, Shenvi states. The government knows human beings have their own rights protec...

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