A Research Project On Women 's Beauty Essay

A Research Project On Women 's Beauty Essay

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In our youth and beauty culture, every time we open a magazine, turn on the TV, or drive past a billboard, we see how far our true beauty is from the standard perpetuated by the media. Our beauty is defined by how we look instead of who we are. I believe that true beauty should be define by who we are. I decided to conduct a research project on Women’s Beauty. I wanted to see how much we time and money is spent on make-up and how women define true beauty.
I wanted to know how other women felt towards their own beauty. The only way to get this information is conducting survey. I conducted a survey for my first genre. It consisted of 10 questions involving their thoughts and opinions on inner and outer beauty. For my inner beauty questions, I asked what characteristics makes a woman beautiful and personally, if they consider themselves beautiful. There are so many characteristics that play in a woman’s beauty. My question was to see how many of them consider themselves pretty and if they fall into any of the characteristic they have listed. This shows how much beauty means to them and how much confidence they have. I included simple questions about outer beauty to see how much time and money is spent on it. Of course, every woman still wants to look attractive and pretty. I put together 4 questions about outer beauty. Do they put on make-up? How much time and money is spent on make-up? Would they do plastic surgery to be beautiful? These questions helped me get a bigger picture on how important is outer beauty to a woman. If outer beauty is super important, a woman would spend more time in the morning on her appearance.
This survey had 27 responses. Majority of my responders were Asians and between the age of 20-25. Personality...

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...ses to help me create this blog. This blog is to inspire women that if you are confident in your own skin and always stay positive, other well see your true beauty. So, don’t hide behind all the make-up, really show the true you because who you are is what really makes you beautiful.
Overall, I had a great time conducting my research on this topic. It was interesting to see other women’s thoughts and opinion on true beauty. Even though outer beauty is more important to some women, Inner beauty is just as important to others. Conducting these 5 genres, I hope I influence my audience in some way that inner beauty beats outer beauty. Yes, most of us do put on make-up and still want to look attractive. We spend money and time on make-up to help boost our confidence a little, but our inner beauty outshines how we look. Who we are is really what defines our true beauty.

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