A Research Project On Poultry Essay

A Research Project On Poultry Essay

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I can not imagine my youth without 4-H, the many opportunities I have participated in have been time well spent. I began the 4-H poultry project in the fifth grade, I was involved in the project for three years and acquired a wide assortment of skills and knowledge about avian health, conformation, showing, judging, and maintenance. My passion for learning about poultry allowed me to accurately relay information to the general public and helped me to become a two time grand champion in poultry judging. Since I was very knowledgeable and practiced regularly with my poultry, I was able to compete in every competition the 4-H poultry department had to offer. This project significantly affected my growth at a young age, it taught me responsibility and the joy of studying a subject that truly interests you. The poultry project was my first step into 4-H, it helped me build my judging skills and taught me to pay close attention to detail. This project encouraged me to interact with the public, which I was hesitant and fearful of initially. I participated in community service, record books, posters, educational workshops and clinics held by 4-H. At the club level, I learned about leadership and eventually progressed to more responsibilities. I was able to share my knowledge of poultry and even inspired others to join the 4-H poultry project. This project helped me to experience more responsibly and personal growth.

I started the equine project following my years in the poultry project. My supportive 4-H group helped me get started in the project which brought my club closer together. I have participated for four years and I am still currently involved in this project. With no knowledge or experience with horses, 4-H encouraged me to ke...

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...irus. Tragically, Jaxon passed away in 2008 at age 8. For many years the senior members of the Gig Harbor 4-H have worked for this fundraising event. We volunteer to help with the guest checklist and ticket sales/donations. Hopefully, through the efforts of the organization, there will be heightened awareness towards lifesaving vaccinations. Our 4-H club has been honored with the Kiwanis community service award and featured in the local newspaper multiple times. Additionally, I have actively volunteered in the larger community through my high school. I have volunteered at Tidefest, a community arts and crafts festival, for multiple years. I have also been involved in food and clothing drives as well as Walk for ALS. My experiences have inspired me to continue helping others and be actively involved in the community doing something positive in the lives of others.

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