A Research Paper on Bullying

A Research Paper on Bullying

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Research paper: Bullying
Bullying has become a public and immense problem in the local society. The majority of the people do not consider this theme as a crucial topic, however there has been serious consequences that surprised the world and allowed them to be shocked. I wholeheartly believe that people should be more familiar with this topic and professional when they are actually undergoing the phenomenon. What essential aspects of Bullying should people know in order to fulfill my goal? First,what is bullying? , where does bullying result from? , how do you prevent them from happening?, and lastly what are the consequences of bullying.
The definition of bullying can be very vague to many people since there are many types of it, for example cyber bullying, physical bullying, prejudicial bullying and lastly sexual bullying. Although the superficial view of bullying is physical, the other types have been equally brutal and cruel. Considering the outcome physical bullying has been proven to be the most unpainful aspect of it. Initially, cyber bullying is considered when one threatens, harass or embarrass a certain target by using internet, cellphones and other technology, because many young people are in contact with social network more and more teenagers are involved in cyberbullying. Many people decide to bully people in a technological way because it is more anonymous and it is hard to get caught, this is in fact true since even the people who are not used to using technology can simply write an offence to another person just by typing and sending. Secondly physical bullying is considered when there is a contact in the body that causes pain and make one feel afraid and scared. This is the most common aspect of bullying that is...

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...tatement, it programs the statement into their brains. The last way to stop bullying from happening is avoiding being alone. This is the students duty to fulfill, why this is important is vague. Because bullying happens due to power and strength, the fact that one is alone can indicate that this person has no power. Consequently the students with other people might think that it is permitted to attack him (bully) he/she. This will be hard depending on what kind of person you are and you just because you are one of those people, does not mean that you do not have to be social with surrounding people. It is quite unfair but it is quite mandatory to change ones personality if that is present because bullying occurs because of both pupils interacting with each other. Hence, meaning bullying is taken place when the victim and the offender both intervenes with themselves.

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