A Research On The Country Of Lithuania

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I did my research on the country of Lithuania for this former communist paper. The country of Lithuania is located in the north eastern part of Europe. Lithuania borders the countries Poland and Belarus which are to the south of Lithuania and then Latvia to the north. Lithuania became a communist country in October of 1918, the communist party of Lithuania (2). There was several different leaders of this party but the one that was in power the longest throughout the years was Antanas Sniečkus (2). On March 11th 1990 Lithuania declared their independence but it was not till almost a year and a half later that the country’s independence would be recognized by the Soviet Union on September 6th 1991 (1). The European country of Lithuania had an estimated population of 2,884,433 for July of 2015 (1). There is a few different languages that people use in Lithuania but the most popular one is Lithuanian which 82% of the population speaks (1). Besides Lithuanian there is also Russian and Polish spoken for most of the remaining population in Lithuania (1). The current population growth is actually -0.5 during 2010-2015 years which is an average annual percentage for Lithuania (3). In Lithuania there is a bunch of small religions under 1% but by far the most common religion is Roman Catholic at 77.2% (1). The other 22.8% comes from either people that have none, unspecified or follow a less public religion (1). The most popular cities include Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda which are the top three for popular in 2014 (4). All three of these cities have a population over 150,000 which is over twice the amount of people in Palatine but Palatine has a higher density of people per square mile (5). In 2015 66.5% of Lithuania’s population lived in a... ... middle of paper ... ...ink (3). From researching the country of Lithuania I was able to get a general overview if how the country is doing in many different aspects. With the learned statistics about Lithuania’s background, economic, standard of living, financial status, political stand point and environmental surroundings I can clearly get a good understanding of what it would be like to live in Lithuania. Also it was shown that the different countries around the world have their own specialties or strengths of things that they are better at. I had always been told that the United States is a great place to live and how lots of people want to move to the United States and through some of these stats I can see that yeah the United States generally does have better conditions. In conclusion this is what I have developed as my understanding of the wellbeing of the people living in Lithuania.
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