A Research On Target Suitability Essay

A Research On Target Suitability Essay

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Target Suitability
This article is about a man who sexually assaulted a nine-year-old boy in the Thorncliffe Public Library on October 9th 2015. Police are searching for the male suspect who fled the scene after another man stopped him during his actions. The article describes the man as white, short light-colored hair, with a medium build, he is around five-foot-eight, and in his late 40s to early 50s. He was wearing glasses, dark pants, and a leather jacket. Allegedly the male suspect was asking the boy for help and when the boy went to help the man, he was sexually assaulted.
Target suitability is vital when planning on committing a crime. Target suitability is the desires of an offender to commit the crime as smooth and greatly as possible. An object, a person, or both can be the ideal targets for an offender. This theory has to do with offenders choosing their targets or victims before committing the crime. Offenders study victims’ lifestyles and activities to determine the best time to commit a crime. The objects offenders seek are cars, homes, establishments, and how accessible they are to him or her. When offenders are scouting for a victim they look at ones weight, size, and age.
The article is related to the concept of target suitability because the offender targeted a young boy of the age of nine. The offender chose his victim based on age and size, with the knowledge that the boy was helpless. In the term target suitability it says that an offenders ideal target is someone who is smaller who the offender believes that can beat if retaliation occurs. The offender knew that the boy would not be able to fight back and resist being sexually assaulted because chances are the offender was more than double the boy’s size....

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...sts, and detentions or when a police is investigation an offence or is undercover.
The definition of stigma is when an individual or a group is labeled by stereotypes. “Stigma refers to a social or individual attribute that is devalued and discredited in a particular social context.” (Kusow, 4778) People believe they are what they are labeled and essentially become the label.
This article shows how police officers label dark skinned people as criminals. In short Yasir Naqvi, Ontario’s minister of community safety and correctional services announced that police officer cannot stop an individual based on appearances and neighborhoods. The article was based upon statistics that show that black people are treated unequal for the reason that police will stop blacks for a crime that was not committed for the sole reason of their skin color and/or the neighbor they are in.

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