Essay about A Research On Being Other Oriented

Essay about A Research On Being Other Oriented

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Being Other Oriented

To me being other oriented means to take into account the other person’s feeling and needs at that point in time. In other situations it may be how we form out messages, decide how to express those messages and when and where to deliver those messages to make them more effective. (Interpersonal Communication p.25) To be other oriented it takes a conscious effort to consider the point of view of the people you are interacting with daily. (Interpersonal Communication p.25)
Interpersonal relationships rely heavily on being other oriented. People communicate every day. Being other oriented can help in this communication. It can improve relationships between friends and lovers (Interpersonal Communication p.6) Also, taking the other person’s feeling into account it can improve family relations. Above all being other oriented it helps you interpret, approach, and respond to other people.
There are many steps a person can take to become other oriented. A few are learning to pick up non-verbal cues, learning to get past personal perception barriers and being mindful. There are two other steps that I believe are the most important and those are empathy and social decentering.
Non-verbal cues can be in the form of facial expressions, body language, to hand gestures. They can help in gathering details a person isn’t telling you. An example could be a friend who says they’re not mad at you but displays crossed arms, furrowed brows and a frown. These non-verbal cues would lead me to believe my friend wasn’t telling me the truth.
Personal perception barriers are a major factor to being other oriented. In stereotyping we allow ourselves to put pre-existing expectations on someone and i...

... middle of paper ...

... I believe there are privileged people. And I know about racism and intolerance. I did not get a chance to reply to her because she blocked me on Facebook.
I believe I was being other oriented. Although there were many barriers present. The main one was stereotyping. She kept stereotyping me as an ignorant bigot because I had a different view. I kept acknowledging her opinion and I didn’t say she was wrong to have her opinion I was trying to voice mine. She unfortunately had unchecked emotions which made it impossible to get my message across.
Being other oriented takes practice and cognitive skills. When a person uses the skills it can help them collect their thoughts thoroughly to communicate a message. Also, the skills can help a person to be a more effective listener. Being other oriented is an invaluable skill in interpersonal communication.

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