A Research On A Social Problem Of Suicide Essay

A Research On A Social Problem Of Suicide Essay

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I. Overview of Group’s Work
My dyad partner was Alyssa Johnson. She appears to be very quiet; however, that is just not the case. It is not what I learned. Alyssa has opinions and is also soft spoken. Alyssa has a wealth of knowledge and seems like a natural functioning social worker. Working with her was one of my best experiences with group work. We both were busy with school, work, and she is married. With all that packed into our schedule, all of our assignments were manageable to perform. We did research on a social problem and chose suicide.
A. Impression of Topic for group
Suicide is an important topic but is also hard to cover for most. This is due to cultural ties we have associated with the thought of suicide. I have had a had a few people connected to me that tried to commit suicide. All four were black females, and one’s attempt was a success. A lot of the information was found on the topic. Suicide usually is an acted associated with so many illnesses and other social problem. For us to cover suicide we also target some forms of depression, mental illnesses, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD in war veterans. Like mentioned in the group, there are five sociological meta-values that makes reoccurring issues a social problem. A lot of time for a topic to become more relevant, it must affect someone who is prominent or a large number of people must experience the issues. Suicide struck the hearts and minds of many after robin Williams suicide attempt leading to death.
B. Impression of overall group collaboration
Being with Alyssa was awesome. She is a great partner and balance to what I bring to the table. I bring a lot of organization accompanied by some innovation. Alyssa the same, is ve...

... middle of paper ...

...ilar life views, but experience different things on a daily basis. Alyssa is married and displays many attributes I desire to have at that age in life. Popular saying states that the old should show the young the way. However, this does not only refer to chronological age but wisdom on different subjects. She never told me what I should be doing, but she did exemplified a lot of behaviors. It was easy to see her dedication to her family, home, job, etc.
IV. Conclusion
The dyad work effectively taught me a lot. It was less learning about what we did as assignment, but more focused on how we did them through our interaction. Doing the topic of suicide was very informative, which allowed me to go and educate people I my community, such as family and church members. The final important piece was all the abilities and skills I gathered from being around Alyssa.

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