A Research Method Of An Ideal Social Reality Essay examples

A Research Method Of An Ideal Social Reality Essay examples

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Unobtrusive fieldwork is an interesting qualitative research method that allows us to analyze pre-existing documents and discover the themes that are evident or subtle within a social norm. We obtain a better understanding through collecting, analyzing and questioning the patterns seen within a culture without having to interact with a participant. Television programming and commercial advertising diverge significantly between countries as they display different cultural values, social interactions, and historical background. As I have access to several South Asian channels which is predominantly watched, I was intrigued in studying the culture and how the image of elders and the concept of aging were depicted in Pakistani media. The following shows were observed during the early afternoon to ensure that the dominant audience were seniors who were resting at home while the children were at school and the adults were at work. In addition, the programmes aired during the three hour period ranged from politics, drama, and cricket in order to grasp a variety of interest within the senior demography.
The advertisements shown were attempting to construct an ideal social reality of an ordinary household in Pakistan. They included cultural practices which would be a common social norm of every household. The advertisements played during the commercial breaks introduced different products such as ice cream to cell phones, but they all conveyed a similar message: the audience is shown of healthy, vibrant, and friendly seniors who live happily with their children and grandchildren. The advertisements displayed this family-friendly content with similar patterns of the elders being surrounded by their family. The seniors are never depicted alo...

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...ng on the television was the theme of seniors used to represent trust and traditions. The audience who watched either the soap or cereal commercial (Table 2) were given a guarantee that the product being advertised is safe and used for many generations. For instance, the Zubaida Aapa Whitening soap used the word “Aapa” (which means older sister) to exhibit trust and targeted the product towards young women. Likewise, the Fauji Corn Flakes Cereal used similar tactics of gaining trust by displaying an elderly woman eating the cereal, and also showed the theme of tradition because Fauji cereal has been sold for decades. Lastly, a commercial on mixed pickle (Table 1) had portrayed tradition by having a grandmother teach her granddaughters in making mixed pickles. Thus, there was a utilization of the theme of seniors being symbolically represented as trust and traditions.

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