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The Earth is the ecosystem in which we live, and therefore it is to be protected at all costs. However, many people do not take the matter of nurturing our planet seriously. Most people are extremely ignorant of the amount of water they consume, the garbage they throw away, and the opportunities to recycle that they let slip by. People from the south seem to think that recycling is more a part of the “northern” culture than it is theirs. Sadly, people have yet to realize that the Earth is their home, and they would never treat their physical homes with the same amount of neglect they do their Earthly home. It is for this reason that our planet is slowly deteriorating.
Three families were asked to participate in this research experiment on the level of care they express toward the environment. When asked about the how much they care about the environment, the patriarch and matriarch of Family #1 showed more interest than their children. The parents rated their concern over the environment a 6 on scale of one to ten. Their children showed little interest in the environment and their level of care for the environment ranged from 2 to 4 on a scale of one to ten. However, their parents force them to participate in the family’s recycling plan. For example, they have different bags designated for specific waste materials in their house. For bottles, such as soda, milk, and water jugs, they have a bag labeled so that the children know which items go where. They also have a bag for cardboard, and soda cans that they crush themselves for it to be more compact. Since family #1 is a large family of 5, they estimate that they use more water than the average household, but they could not estimate how much that would be. They hypothesized that...

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... (Macionis 536). We throw away what is deemed unusable and forget to think about the societal benefits of recycling. If we as a country are using most of the world’s resources, we should return them as best as we can. Landfills are quite literally filling, and will reach a point where there is no room for our “trash.”
Humans have yet to understand that they are the key to Earth’s survival. If they would recycle, drive hybrids to release less pollutants, or stop tearing down forests to build factories, our air, water, and health would improve greatly. However, most Americans have the same nonchalant attitudes towards the environment as the second family’s. Our environmental deficit is a sociological problem because people are the ones causing it (Macionis 535). If we would all do more to take care of our planet, it would increase the longevity of our planet’s life.

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