A Research Career Is More Than A Goal That I Am Pursuing Essay

A Research Career Is More Than A Goal That I Am Pursuing Essay

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A research career is more than a goal that I am pursuing. Rather, it has become a reality that has provided me the opportunity to prove myself by exceling academically and within the scientific community. The challenges that I have endured in obtaining my B.S. in Cell and Developmental Biological Science, two published co-authorship manuscripts and a primary authorship draft as an undergraduate student were beyond difficult. Fortunately, my passion for this field and my strength to push forward have sharpened me to become resilient and dedicated to my success as a scientist. I come from a family with very little education, and rather than following the household standard of working full-time to support the family, I developed the need to push myself to achieve what others have regarded as impossible. My determination and ability to succeed academically, and personally, through trials such as homelessness and supporting my single mother through her debilitating disease, has strengthened my confidence in pursuing a Ph.D., with the intent of conducting research that will ultimately contribute to the scientific community. Thankfully, I discovered my fascination with molecular biology throughout these obstacles, allowing me to me to fully invest myself in a field that I have come to love.
My progression into the field of molecular biology was initially unexpected. When I first began my college courses at Santa Ana College (SAC), I did not know what I wanted from my education, since I had been questioning my need to work full-time to support my family. Additionally, many classes did not hold my interest, further discouraging me from pursuing education. It was my first Biology course with Dr. Jorge Lopez that finally caught my attention...

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...s, and career options that I am now pursuing. The laboratory portion trained me in techniques such as molecular cloning, PCR, and cell culturing that continue to be beneficial skills. Furthermore, my oral presentation skills were refined through weekly seminars requiring presentations on current research projects and readings. Throughout my participation, much of my project revolved around cloning MCOLN1 transcription factors into overexpression vectors, which were eventually transfected in human embryonic kidney (HEK)-293 cells to increase protein expression. My research efforts as an RCP scholar resulted in the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Student Research Award, granting additional funding to my research in Dr. Cuajungco’s laboratory. This award, the first of several, strongly encouraged me to continue developing myself as a scientist.

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