A Representation Of Ancient Roman Architecture Essay

A Representation Of Ancient Roman Architecture Essay

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Pantheon is located in the Italian capital Rome, the northern circular plaza, it is one of the oldest buildings in Rome, is also a representation of ancient Roman architecture. The original history of the Pantheon dates back to the 27th year of the Roman Republic, which was built by Octavian 's deputy, Agri Barba, to commemorate Octavius ' defeat of Anthony and Anlapatra. But the original temple was burned in the fire in AD 80. It was not rebuilt until 125 AD by Emperor Hadrian, who inscribed "M.AGRIPPA.L.F.COS.TERTIUM.FECIT" in the rebuilt portico of the Pantheon. It means "the son of Lucius, the three-time Archon of the construction of the temple of Marcos America." This passage had led to the misconception that the colonnade was left over from the Agrippa period until 1892 when it was discovered that all the bricks of the colonnade were stamped around 125 AD, only to confirm that the whole building was built during the Hadrian period. By the beginning of the 3rd century, two emperors, Lucius Seti Muse, Severus, and Caracalla, were converted. AD 655 by the Byzantine Emperor Constance II snatched. After the Roman conversion to Catholicism, the Pantheon was once closed. In 609, Pope Bobo Faggio IV changed it to "the Church of the Virgin and the Martyrs." To modern times, it has become the Italian celebrity mourning, the national holy sites.

The Cathedral of St. Sophia was built during the reign of the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian (AD 532 - AD 537). It was built by Constantine the Great to honor Sophia, the god of wisdom. At that time the Byzantine Empire was at its peak, as the world 's ten most desirable church - Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque across the street. Hagia Sophia in Greek means the wisdom of God, and the building i...

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...rble slices, flowers and birds display patterns. At the same time, the top of the church dome and the surrounding walls are also covered with colorful mosaics and a large number of exquisite murals and sculptures. In addition, the decoration of the cathedral, in addition to a variety of exquisite carvings exquisite, but also includes the use of colored marble mosaic puzzles inlaid, the mosaic depicting the Virgin Mary, Jesus, saints, emperors, and queens, there is other pure Decorative geometric tile.

Pantheon and Hagia Sophia have similar architectural styles, but because of the historical development and progress, or change into a style of architectural features. They witnessed the rise of politics, the struggle of religion and the vicissitudes of history and the vicissitudes of the times. However, their beauty and solemnity still shake the hearts of every visitor.

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