A Report On Web Design Essay

A Report On Web Design Essay

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There 's an emerging trend in website design. Many have switched from building a website that has depth and third-dimension elements toward a stripped-down version that resembles a flat, single-surface viewing experience. This flat design is one of the hottest trends in web design to pop up across the web in 2016. But, is this one of those trends that is going to spread like wildfire and then burn itself out, or is it here to stay?
Let 's look at why this web design model is currently trending and what the future holds for flat design.
Flat isn 't boring, it 's functional.
To better understand what flat website designs is, you have to understand what it isn 't. You won 't see some familiar stylistic elements like glow effects, shading, subtle textures, and gradient coloring to draw the eye to buttons and key content. Instead of wowing users with fancy fonts that pop off the page, flat designers take a more minimalistic approach that values function over fanciness and fluff.
Or, as Sergey Shumidt, Designmodo Designer, puts it:
The secret to a flat interface is in its simplicity hidden behind simple shapes and colors of elements.
Computer savvy consumers today are looking for a responsive brand, not one who holds their hand and guides them around their website. Oak.is provides an exceptional example of a fully functioning, user-friendly website that is anything, but boring.
Flat is a step backward toward the future.
Everyone knows history repeats itself whether you 're talking about fashion trends, marketing campaigns or hairstyles. The concept of flat website design isn 't new, it 's just taken on a fresh, twenty-first century tone and attitude, one that resonates with Millennials and the millions of people tethered to their sma...

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...peak. Anytime technology, or web design models, gets stale, it will stimulate innovation. Like most trends this one probably has an expiration date, but no one knows when it will arrive or exactly what it will look like.
Embrace today, plan for tomorrow.
Staying competitive in a rapidly changing, always evolving marketplace isn 't easy. You need to build a strong network of peers, colleagues and vendors to stay on top of your game. Flat website design is a trend that is gaining momentum with consumers and forward-thinking business leaders. What 's holding you back? Remember even if you build the most beautiful, responsive, user-friendly website, you can 't serve your customers if you don 't have a reliable, agile web hosting partner. Contact BlueHost today to discuss low-price point plans to keep your new flat design web pages, front and center 24/7, 365 days a year.

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