A Report On The World War I Essay

A Report On The World War I Essay

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A bowl of mix greens with fresh cut cucumber and grape tomatoes. Dressed with a fire roasted red pepper vinaigrette. It make a nice basic salad, but it stands on it one as a nice mean starter or lite lunch. What goes in to the growing of all the produce? We start in this world as hunter and gatherers. We did that for hundreds of thousands years. Then we learn how to grow and harvest our own food. Letting us work less to get more food and beginning one of humanities first huge population growth. That was not the last time we change the way we got our food. In the Second World War we discovered from weapon research how to make more effective fertilizers leading to more boatful harvest. Without that discovered the world could have not gotten to its huge population of over seven billion people. Now what is the next advancement in the agriculture going to be?
With the world having so many people on it we use a lot of pesticides and fertilizers. If it was not for the help of these we would not have gotten to the place we are now. Pesticides and fertilizers do a lot more than just help grow and safe from pests. “Nearly 50% of the world labor is employed in agriculture and they significant risk” (Karunamoorthi, Mohammed 1). Pesticides are poison and 3 million cases of poisoning for pesticides that lead to over 250,000 deaths a year. (Karunamoorthi, Mohammed 1) Ran off from fertilizers in the world’s coastlines has great cost too. The overabundance of nutrients cases algae to grow out of control snuffing out other sea creatures. (Johnson and Harrison 1) The world we live on is the only one we have so we have to look in to how we can move to a more substantial agricultural industry which uses less pesticides and fertilizers.

In a surv...

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...al farming and give subsidies to sustainable and organic farming until they have become the norm.
With a well-made plan it is possible to move to sustainable farm. The cutting down on the uses of pesticides and fertilizers is one on the next great step we have to make as a society. It will take a long time to implement these changes and there will be Problems along this journey. The sooner we start this long journey. The longer we have to work out the Kinks in sustainable farming. We at least should think about the future generations that will live on earth. This is the one place we all have to call home and it’s our job to take care of it for the next generations. We can’t give them a problem that take a long time to fix because it could be too late to fix the problems in a generations or two. This is why we need to push the world to a sustainable farm system.

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