A Report On The War Of Washington Heights Essay

A Report On The War Of Washington Heights Essay

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Of course I have decided to begin this story at a time when I had no idea who I truly was, but soon enough my false reality would come crashing down around me. To the untrained eye New York appears to be a city of towering glass and metal where different groups of people live in relative peace, but once your eyes are opened you see the magic that lines its very foundation. Every borough has their own voice and thoughts that are all brought to life by the same heart. The Statue of Liberty stands in the harbor a beacon of freedom as it welcomes weary travelers to her shores. Behind all this glamor and the veil of deceit there lies a city full of promise which has become infected with the disease known as corruption. In Washington Heights there is an apartment home to an old cruel drunk Samuel Lennon and his eighteen year old son Benjamin. Most of the apartment 's windows have been busted open from the anger my father finds at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey. To keep the wind out I was forced to put boards over the winds making the apartment look even more run down that it already is. The scratched and beaten floorboards find themselves buried under a mountain of trash which mainly consists of empty beer cans, Chinese takeout boxes with little scraps of rice still in them, and dirty clothes that haven 't been washed or moved in so long they 're glued to the floor. The mind numbing howls of my alarm and my father screaming at me to wake up echo through my mind. I awake up from my one hour of sleep and crawl out of my bed my legs much too tired to start working this early. The familiar sound of cockroaches and mice squiring past my door fill my ears as I get dressed. From my short time on this planet I had seen many trends come and ...

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...own the aisles and to the back door I was right behind him the only problem Mr. Brooks was right behind me. I ran through the back door and thinking I was safe raised my arms in victory when I heard the sound of a shotgun being cocked. Time slowed down as a pair of bullets shot through the air and into my back. Blood spewed out of my back like a broken pipe and traveled through my clothes. I slammed into the ground and watched as Alexander and Joshua sped off either not caring or not knowing I had been shot. Mr. Brooks ran past men raised his gun and contemplated shooting at the car, but by the time he made up his mind the car was already halfway down the street. Mr. Brooks looked down at me then walked back into his store so he could call the police. I clawed at the ground blood still oozing out of my back as I tried to escape my fate, but eventually my body gave up.

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