A Report On The Street Side Of ' Villa Boys Gang Member Who Spray Painted The Letters '

A Report On The Street Side Of ' Villa Boys Gang Member Who Spray Painted The Letters '

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This case involved a “Villa Boys” gang member who spray painted the letters “VBP” on a wooden fence. A second juvenile subject was with him at the time, who acted as a look-out.


Item 1: (1) “Rust-Oleum” can of white spray paint.


A single family home located at the corner of Hammond Street and Marengo Avenue. On the Hammond Street side, the house has a wooden fence along the north side of the property.


On Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at approximately 1956 hours, Officer Reinbold #7400 and I (Officer Guerrero #3310) were dispatched to 1113 Marengo Avenue, in regard to a vandalism that just occurred. Dispatch advised the victim (later identified as Kristyn Cota) saw two male juveniles spray painting her fence. Cota advised dispatch she was following both subjects and they were last seen running southbound on Marengo Avenue, from Hammond Street. The first suspect was described as male Hispanic, approximately 15 years old, wearing a gray shirt and dark colored shorts. The second suspect was described as a male Hispanic, approximately 15 years old, light complexion, wearing a black shirt and black pants.

Officer Widger who was in full police uniform and in a marked police unit was the first unit in the area. As he was traveling Eastbound on Mountain Street, approaching Marengo Avenue, he saw two male subjects (that matched the description given by dispatch) running in a southeast direction through the front yard of a house, located on the Northeast corner of N. Marengo Avenue and Mountain Street. Since both subjects matched the description given, he detained both subjects on Mountain Street, just east of Marengo Avenue. Officer Widger broadcast he had two possible suspects detained. Co...

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...ainting the wall or being a look-out for Figueroa. Garcia stated that he was walking westbound on Hammond Street, when he saw Figueroa spray painting the wall. Garcia stated when he was approximately twenty feet away from Figueroa, when he saw a female (Cota) approach Figueroa. Garcia stated Figueroa told him to run away, so he turned around and ran southbound on Marengo Avenue, then eastbound on Mountain Street until he was detained by the police.

Garcia was issued citation #C406194 for PC 594(a) (1). Since Garcia was a juvenile, his mother (Anabel Alba) was also issued citation #C406195. Garcia was subsequently released after booking to his mother. Figueroa was issued citation #C406192 for PC 594(a) (1), with a court date of 06/27/16. He was subsequently released after booking.
I uploaded the recorded interviews into Veri-pic.
Case to Detectives

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