A Report On The Pwcsa Workforce Within A High Performing Organization Essay

A Report On The Pwcsa Workforce Within A High Performing Organization Essay

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Dixit, Ramesh, K.

Question #1: Please review the document attached which captures the Director’s view of the PWCSA work environment and expectations of any member of the PWCSA workforce within a High Performing Organization. Convey how your leadership style and personal attributes would complement this environment and make you a good fit for our organization. Then convey an area listed where you know you could improve.
Response #1: Prince William County Service Authority (PWCSA) has a responsibility to customers, local and central Government, and the environment to ensure that water is delivered as needed, to the best possible quality, an without interruption. Fulfilling all of those criteria all of the time takes dedicated and committed management and that must go beyond the normal corporate expectations and focus on the top level of personal and business management in order to satisfy the customers. In order to do that, the management team, from the ground up to director level must embrace the same values and be committed to them without exception. In order to achieve that every day, as a senior manager (should it be Deputy Director of Engineering and Planning??) I have a number of attributes that would benefit the company, including:
• Creating Powerful Networks. It is obvious that to work effectively in a business area with so many customers that strong relationships both within and external to the organization are paramount. By creating a collaborative team network, people can work together to resolve issues and understand the best solution for any given problem. Powerful networks with colleagues can be augmented by strong relationships with those outside the company who also have an interest in the business and may have a p...

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...t the right people together so that they work as a team and promote the company attitude.

• Strive Innovation. I believe companies that do not focus on innovation of their products and service has no apparent future…………

I have had a successful career in engineering and management, and am now seeking to extend my management knowledge within PWCSA. I appreciate that the biggest challenge for me is to understand the company management expectations and match those while integrating my own management skills. To do this effectively, I realize that I must identify the important aspects of the PWCSA management model, and modify my own thinking to align the two. I believe that I can do this both effectively and in a timely fashion reducing the time that it would take me to become a fully-integrated member of the management team, the whole company, and the wider community.

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