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A Report On The Network Security Team Essays

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Now that the network security team contained the incident and restored service, it was time to move to eradication. Eradication involves taking necessary steps to eliminate damage done during the incident and removing any vulnerabilities which may have allowed the incident to have success.

Eradication in this incident means the removal of remote administration in the firewall configurations and patching of the system to remove critical vulnerabilities. If an attacker still maintains access to a system while the network team is investigating, eradication would involve disconnecting and denying further connections to or from the attacker. The network team performed further steps to eradicate this type of attack by applying updates to the standby firewall system. These updates patched vulnerabilities in the firewall operating system and changed its configuration to prevent this type of incident from occurring in the future.

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The incident response plan then had the team focus on recovery from the incident. During this stage, the team ensured all systems were back online and functioning as expected. The team also deployed additional monitoring capabilities to be alerted to potential incidents. This additional monitoring will allow the network team to respond sooner to potential attacks. Recovery involves restoration of services and/or systems which were impacted during the incident. In this case the standby firewall was brought online in order to restore internet services so the clinic could effectively treat patients as soon as possible.

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Once the systems were restored and additional monitoring enabled, the team worked on generating a report. This report detailed the incident as well as the st...

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...network team is doing its part to recommend updates to the network intrusion detection system (NIDS). NIDS will be configured to detect any attempt to exploit vulnerabilities on systems within our network. Also the team has setup alerts which will send email to the team when there is a change in the baseline network bandwidth which can be a precursor to an attack. Additional monitoring has been enabled to alert the team when there is administrative access to the firewall. Also the team will work to build resiliency in the network to automatically switch the network to additional circuits when under this type of attack. These recommendations have already been approved as action items by senior leadership. Since patient care is the clinic’s primary mission, senior leadership has stated these recommendation are vital to ensuring the clinic can fulfill its mission.

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