Essay about A Report On The Nail Salon Industry

Essay about A Report On The Nail Salon Industry

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For most people outside of the United States, America is seen as the land of opportunity. It is the land of the free and a country that will give equally to those who work for it. However, people like Ms. Ren, a 20-year-old illegal immigrant, are forced to work in an industry that is disturbingly similar to sweatshops. In a country filled with fair labor laws that are overseen by the U.S Department of Labor, it is shocking to see an industry that only gives $3 an hour for a 12-hour day thrive within the borders of the United States. But because of people like Ms. Ren and the cultural demand of manicures and pedicures, the nail salon industry can continue to exploit the labor of these workers. Little is done to the workers who endure all types of unfair treatment such as getting most of their pay docked due to minor mistakes, physical abuse, and living in horrible conditions that can vary from 8 to 10 people in one shady apartment unit. The cause of this dreadful treatment that Ms. Ren and many workers like her faced can be related to the perception of their social class and how the owners of the nail salons viewed them. Someone who observed this pattern was Karl Marx, a respected sociologist from the 1800s. He took his observations from the capitalist society and integrated concepts and theories of how it limited our human nature. His theories and concepts of species-being, class-consciousness, and surplus value can describe the causes and consequences of this working condition.
One common thread that Marx has seen in capitalist system was the alienation of the lower class to their work. Alienation is a concept most people are familiar with. Most people know of it as being isolated or away from someone or something for a long pe...

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...e wage and working conditions made the workers alienated from not only their labor and labor process but alienated from themselves as a human species. The constant greed for a larger surplus value led to these conditions. The workers were at least conscious of their own class but they have a limited voice due to their social status as illegal immigrants. However, the owners have a social consciousness of themselves as capitalists and took full advantage of it by creating associations and groups to further their political interest. All of these elements of Marxism had a direct relationship to the causes and consequences of the working conditions in the nail salon industry. It was a microscopic view of what Marx believed capitalism did to the human species, to the socially stratified classes, and to the Bourgeoisie constant search for surplus affected the proletariat.

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