A Report On The Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Walk On Tub Essay

A Report On The Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Walk On Tub Essay

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Hi (First Name)? This is Robert Painter with (PRODUCT) and I just received your internet request. What feature did you read about the Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Walk-in Tub online that prompted you to find out more information? (Probe on Cue)


(Listen for cues and probe 10-15 questions)

* Describe for me the challenges you are having getting in and out of the tub you have now.

Probe: (Oh you’ve had __________, how does that affect you?)

* Has this ever caused you to have a fall?
* How has this affected your mobility/ bathing?
* If they are resistant, try: When did you first realize you needed a WIT?
* Who else besides yourself will be using the tub?
* Share with me the aches and pains you have that you think would benefit from the hydrotherapy of the Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub.
* When did you realize you needed a WIT?
* Who, besides you, would use a Walk-in Tub?
* How much of a priority is it for you to remain safe and independent in your home?

Backing into Step1 :

Well let 's see how this may work for you.

* What is being replaced in the bathroom? (ruling in or out new construction)
* What kind of home do you have, brick, frame, modular? (issues with doorways and mobile homes, if apartment rule in or out with an ownership question.)
* When was your home built? (old plumbing, electrical, or size concerns)
* What part of the country do you live in? (ruling in or out of our area)

OK great, based on that (product replaced/home type/ year built/ part of the country) it sounds like that is something we should be able to work with ...(Redirect to Step 1.)

Let me see if I heard you right. (Reiterate Step 1 Information. Need, want, desire.)

Is that correct?


... middle of paper ...

...ime is at (day, date and time.) When my technician gets down to pricing, make sure you give him your personal unpublished code which is : (code) that way you will have ALL the information you called me about AND the best price in order to make a decision.
*** USE IF NEEDED TO STRENGTHEN CLOSING*** Well, (first name) from what you have told me about (use step #1 info here) you really are doing the right thing by getting ALL the information about the Jacuzzi WIT.
Closing statement: It has been a pleasure speaking with you today and we look forward to meeting you (both) in person and seeing what we can do to help you!
Cover Your Bases!??
Must Have Elements for Each Lead:
1. Homeowner
2. Decision Making Committee
3. Need, Interest or Desire
4. Understanding of Why We’re coming
5. Time to complete the sale
6. Verified address, contact info
7. Promotional Code

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