A Report On The Inventory Log Essay

A Report On The Inventory Log Essay

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Saturday, August 22, 2015- Today I was in lock up with Teresa, Jordan, and Kim. I arrived at the department at 2:40 pm; I waited as they dispersed some equipment to the police officers. After they finish we proceed to the lock up room. Teresa than gave me a tour of the lock up room, which consisted of the cells, fingerprint station, interview rooms, and the bound out area. Teresa also explained the different type of paperwork that goes along with her job. Some of the paperwork that is done is the inventory log. The inventory log is when we write down every item that the person came in with, after that he/she sign off on it indicating everything is correct. Some other paperwork that takes place would be the bound out paperwork. This is the paperwork that the person fills out when they are bounding out. This particular we only had one person come in to lock up, I did get to see her execute the proper procedure when someone comes in to lock up. She first searched the person really well (if it’s a female) and then she finger print her and cuffed her to the bench. She was place on the bench because someone was on their way to get her.

Saturday, August 29, 2015- Today I was in lock up and it was just me and Teresa today. It started off a pretty slow day, i noticed that not much happens in Orland Park on the weekends. we eventually got two females in for shoplifting, they were stealing from a CVS. Teresa pat them both down and fingerprinted them. then they were placed into a separate cell until court in the morning. Teresa also ran the other people they were with through the system to make sure they didn’t have any warrants or anything else. The office was on his way to drop the other individuals off, until it came back that one of ...

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... the car over and asked the driver for his license and while doing so he smelled marijuana. He called for backup and asked all the individuals to step out the car; after backup arrived they searched the subjects and the vehicle. They found a lot of little baggies and a grinder but no drugs, so he wrote a citation about the license plate and sent them on their way. After that we than drove past a house where a guy is wanted and he was actually outside. John drove back around and called dispatch to see if he was still wanted once he got the ok, he pulled back up and spoke to the man. The man run inside the house and john got out the car trying to get him. John and another officer waited awhile to see if he was going to come back out, but he didn’t. we went back to the police department and Scott was done with his report so he came along with us, when we went back out.

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