A Report On The Hotel Chains Like Marriott And Hilton Essay

A Report On The Hotel Chains Like Marriott And Hilton Essay

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One of the biggest challenges in frequent travel is constantly changing sleeping arrangements. While a good night’s sleep cannot be promised, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of successfully enjoying a restful night of sleep during your next hotel stay.

Do Some Research

Use TripAdvisor, or another similar travel site, before you book the room. Just booking a room with your preferred hotel chain does not guarantee you will sleep well. Read some good and some bad reviews (a one-time traveler may be okay with something that a seasoned traveler finds unacceptable).You may even find a travel tip within the review to avoid a bad night of sleep (such as request a room on the west side of the building to avoid the midnight train that goes by the east side).
Look at the location of your hotel on Google Maps. Hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton often have multiple properties in the same vicinity. Perhaps you can avoid highway noise by staying at Springhill Suites a few blocks off the highway instead of a Courtyard right next to it. Both will give you the same credit with Marriott, and one may offer a better night of sleep.
If you are staying at a budget friendly hotel, make sure you are fully aware of the quality of the hotel room and bed. Is saving $30 worth a poor night of sleep?
Request a Quiet Room

If you plan to request a quiet room during check-in, do not assume the front desk clerk will know which rooms are quiet. Make your request specific by asking for a room that is:
Away from the elevator, stairs and ice machine.
Not facing the highway/ interstate/loud intersection/pool.
On a floor higher than the lobby (if a concierge level is available, it may be worth paying for)
Not above or below (or near...

... middle of paper ...

... WebMD recommends finding a comfortable, but cool temperate between 65 and 72 degrees.
Lights Out

Once you are in bed, relax your mind. Count sheep or palm trees, or whatever makes you feel relaxed.
If there is any noise from the room next to you, or the hallway, call the front desk immediately.
What do travel tips can you share to sleep better on road?

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