A Report On The Hofstra Campus Essay

A Report On The Hofstra Campus Essay

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A College Cannot be Perfect; However, We Can Make It Better

I. A potential incoming college freshman struts with confidence through the sliding doors of the Student Center, inhaling the freshly prepared pizza ready to be served at Sbarros, and sees the smiling faces as Pride Leaders try to convince each individual to enroll at Hofstra University; yet fail to admit that every university has its limitations and failed expectations. A journalist from U.S. News reports, “Hofstra University 's ranking in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 135.” (Hofstra University)
Each university has different versions of a campus environment and academic areas that make it unique, thus having its own individual aspects when it comes to the decision of certain students. The Hofstra campus is known to attract new-comers due to its arboretum and programs; such as business, communications, medical, law, etc. Frederick Soviero writes, “…encompasses 240 acres and provides a beautiful campus setting that inspires and motivates its students…Today, more than 12,000 evergreen and deciduous trees represent 625 species and varieties, and the number is increasing every year. The Friends of the Hofstra University Arboretum have developed a two-acre plot of land for a distinctive bird sanctuary…” (HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY ARBORETUM) Hofstra University takes pride in their academic standards and scenic views. Even more so, students enjoy being only 25 miles from the world renowned New York City.
When students apply and enroll into their next four years at college they are likely to focus more on the cost, distance, and programs of the colleges rather than the unfulfilled needs of individuals. When making the step to become a college freshman m...

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...when they are able to get the problem fixed which will be relevant to the times of open availability.
IIII. If this were to become in effect, we as students can get the problem fixed within a reasonable time frame based on both the maintenance and student’s convenience. In addition, the maintenance department can have a more efficient record as to what was fixed and what still needs work. This will make a more organized environment, students satisfied and parents will not have to complain about the lack of urgency that is shown.
As a current student in the Hofstra community standards should be fulfilled, deadlines should be met, and expectations should be reached to its full potential. The goal of a college is to make the student comfortable, worthy, and capable to achieve in such environment; with such situations throughout the college, this may never be attained.

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