Essay on A Report On The Disney Company

Essay on A Report On The Disney Company

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Jessica Nelson found her young son watching videos on YouTube one day. These were videos of Youtubers unboxing toys. Her son continued to watch the videos the following day. The "unboxing" phenomena Jessica and her son had discovered is very popular on YouTube. YouTube reported that videos unveiling products have been viewed over 1.1 billion times, totaling approximately 60 million hours. YouTubers remove items from their boxes and explain the products for their viewers. Big companies have sponsored some of these YouTubers, sending them free items to feature in their videos. Hasbro and Clorox are a couple of companies which in addition, also run adds during these videos.
Marketers like Target are sending select YouTubers their hot item toys of the holiday season for their "unboxing" videos. Target features those videos on their website to promote its children 's gifting hub and wish list application. Other marketers are pushing their involvement to another level. The Walt Disney Company hosted an "unboxing" marathon of YouTubers from around the world unboxing their products. Many of the videos in this marathon of unboxing featured “Star Wars: The Force Awakens" merchandise. The marathon ran for an incredible 18 total hours.
Brands want to excerpt more control over unboxing videos because until recently the unboxing videos have been solely produced by the Youtubers themselves. In an effort for brands to take more control of the "unboxing" trend, Toys "R" Us created it 's own animated videos for YouTube during this years holiday campaign. The stars of the advertisement are toys unboxing other toys. Richard Lennox, the retailer’s chief marketing officer stated that the inspiration for the videos came from how kids really play. Th...

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...s also helpful to marketers because the consumer is seeking their product, eliminating some of the difficulty in delivering their message to a target market.
The Toys "R" Us ad which features toys unboxing toys shows how well creativity can be applied in marketing. I did not see the ads on YouTube, but I did see them on television. The marketing for this advertisement has expanded it 's reach by moving to television as an additional marketing vehicle. Toys unboxing toys is an attention-getter, and bound to be successful as it also provides entertainment for the viewer.
Although unboxing has attracted some static from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and the Center for Digital Democracy, I 'm certain the videos will continue due to their popularity with consumers. The interest in the unboxing videos far outweighs any negative attention they may receive.

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