Essay on A Report On The Debt Management Technician

Essay on A Report On The Debt Management Technician

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a. The Debt Management Technician will conduct a thorough review of the MMPA to ensure a debt is established BEFORE funds are accepted. If the specific debt is established, the Technician will prepare a draft DD Form 1131 with the reason, amount, and applicable account processing code (APC); provide the draft DD Form 1131 to the Disbursing Section. For efficiency, the information may be emailed to the Disbursing Section Cashier(s) to copy and paste data into the Deployed Disbursing System electronic form. If the debt has not been established, the Technician will take the required action to post the debt and advise the Soldier to return on the next business day with funds.

NOTE 9: Validate the APC with the Disbursing Section.

b. If a Soldier desires to pay off multiple debts, each debt MUST be annotated separately on the DD Form 1131 by debt and dollar amount.

c. Ensure to note when mid-month and end-of-month cutoffs are to avoid over/under collection.

d. When funds are accepted by the Disbursing Section, obtain a copy of the certified DD Form 1131 with the Disbursing Office Collection Voucher Number (DOCVN) to post the C203 transaction attached to a DA Form 200 (TL). Debt Management will sign the DA Form 200 and keep a copy in our Management Case File (MCF).
Process the C203 in accordance with procedures outlined in the Military Pay Procedures Manual. If a Soldier is paying off multiple debts, a separate C203 transaction is required for each debt. When entering data, use “5570” as the Accountable-ADSN. The following documents should be attached to all transactions: DD Form 1131 with DOCVN and a copy or screenshot of MMPA reflecting applicable debt. If the debt is suspended, it must be resumed (Action 20) to corres...

... middle of paper ...

...ating document.

d.Demotiond. Demotion Debts identified on management notices will be collected as a one timeone-time payment and will be coded on DD Form 139.

6-5. SF 1081 (Refunds)


a. Upon completion of coding the cycle, perform cycle end procedures by selecting “Place Cycle in Audit Status”, print a Transmittal/Audit Report of all transactions, attach the listing to the documents, and put the completed cycle in the Audit Bin NLT 1300 daily.

b. Upon receipt of cycles, Transmittal/Audit Report, and documents from coders, auditors will ensure that the cycle is awaiting audit. If the cycle is not awaiting audit, the auditor will notify the coder for immediate correction. The auditor will print a new Transmittal/Audit Report for comparison purposes. This printout will be used to annotate any required changes and or deletions.

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