Essay A Report On The ' Darrell '

Essay A Report On The ' Darrell '

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Darrell was a dedicated professional. He had shown his dedication to the Fire Department time and time again. After an incident when one of the hoses had fallen off of one of their fire trucks he knew it was up to him to fix it. He began working on a quick release netting system that could easily be attached over the hose to secure it to the side of the truck. He wrote the plans and a couple other firefighters assisted him with assembling and attaching it to the fire trucks at their station. As of now, this net system is standard on all of the fire trucks in Overland Park, KS, as well as many surrounding cities.
One of the most memorable experiences Darrel had during his time as a fire fighter came when he was a call he received while acting as a Battalion Chief. In March2006, a devastating fire broke out at the Gil Rumsey art museum in downtown Overland Park. Darrell was off duty that day but rushed over to the scene to be of assistance. When he arrived the art museum was in a fiery blaze with black smoke billowing into the sky. Darrell thrived in pressure and welcomed it, he was in his element. This was the largest fire the city of Overland Park had seen in several years. Fire departments from surrounding several cities rushed with lights and sirens blaring to assist in saving what remained of the art museum and to protect the surrounding structures from meeting the same fate. On that day, Darrell witnessed men from different departments and different cities put aside their petty differences to achieve one common goal. Darrell had spent 32 years with the fire department and out of everything he had seen this reminded him the most of his time overseas in the Marine Corps. Darrell retired from the fire department after a controve...

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...radiation to shrink the lesions he had on his spine. In the following months the cancer would become too great for Darrell to bear. Surrounded by his wife, his children, family, friends, and several of his fellow firefighters, who still called him Chief, he passed away in his bed at his home on February 24, 2015.
Darrell had devoted his life to self-sacrifice, and servitude to his community. When his country needed him to fight overseas, he answered the call. Throughout the years, he touched the lives of all those around him. When he became faced against insurmountable odds, he kept fighting and did not waver. Darrell was known by many and loved by all. He followed his own moral and ethical code and never strayed from it. His dedication and allegiance to those he loved and those of whom he never met is what earned him the affection and admiration of those around him.

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