A Report On The Country Of France Essay

A Report On The Country Of France Essay

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FIN 3210-01
Linsey Verstrepen

Country Report: France

Professor Fall Ainina
September 29, 2016
Wright State University
For the Stocktrak assignment, I decided to focus on the country of France. The main reason for this focus is that I was born in Belgium, which is in the EU and right next to France. That factor makes me familiar with most French companies and will be of help when deciding on companies that I want to buy or sell shares from. In this paper, I will analyze France based on factors like political and economic systems, investor rights, currency stability, etc.
First of all, I am going to focus on the French political system. France has transformed from a monarchy to a republic and it has seen a lot of revolutions in the past. Now, under the Fifth Republic, France is a semi-presidential unitary system, which means that there is both a President and a Prime Minister. The separation of powers is provided by the constitution.
Based on its economic system, France is seen as a country with a mixed economic system. This means that its economic system consists of both socialism and capitalism. France has a big private sector including large corporations. The government holds most influence over industries that are technically seen as public and the government controls the distribution of wealth and uses public funds in order to meet certain goals in society.
There are definitely certain trends when looking at France’s economy. More than seventy percent of its GDP comes from the services sector, which makes it a main contributor to the country’s economy. France is a global leader in the manufacturing sector and also in luxury goods. All these factors make France’s economy the sixth largest one in the world...

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...actors, I feel like investment in this country can lead to success in both long and short term.
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