Essay on A Report On The Car 's Seat Of Your Automobile

Essay on A Report On The Car 's Seat Of Your Automobile

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You sit in the driver’s seat of your automobile, inserting the ignition key and turning over the car, a circuit is made activating the battery and motor, injecting gasoline and ethanol into your vehicles engine. As the spark plugs flash with heat and energy igniting the fuel, your engine roars, and pushes the burned exhaust out of the muffler and into the air. The same air that you, your children, pets, neighbors, friends, and family must all breathe in. Your family coughs as they breathe in the newly expelled carbon monoxide, and they wave goodbye to you before your morning commute. You arrive at work, and gather your tools for maintaining the engines that power the desalinization machines. Gallon after gallon of fuel is burned fueling the powerful machines that clean our coastal drinking water, then adding the saline back into the sea, creating a more toxic ocean than before. Salt and chemicals pour into the water, causing fish to die and float to the surface of the water near the facility. Birds of all sizes plummet out of the sky abovesuccumbing to the exhaust billowing forth from the large industrial sized smoke stacks above. The once green grass around the facility withers away from lack of nutrients and nitrogen. As the white cloudsturn black; the blue skyturns red; andthe blue seaturnsgreen; you ask yourself, “could there be another way?...”. Your manager shouts at you, reminding you to go back to work. Smoke and fire ferociously shoots from the broken engines. There must be another way.
In a world where the population is increasing, commercial and industrial demand is rising, and transportation, agriculture, and mass manufacturing arean everyday necessity, non-renewable fossil fuels are being used at a rapidly increasing ...

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...ion like all occupations has some hazards of its own. Windmills can tower hundreds of feet into the air, and sometimes technicians and mechanics must scale the inside of the towers in order to reach the turbines and make necessary repairs, this can be difficult and hazardous for those with a fear of heights. Hydroelectric dams however have dangers of their own. being on the water, they are at a high risk for dangers of flooding, and water intrusion within the lower levels of the facility.
Being a technician of renewable energy is not always easy, but it is a necessary career if humanity is to maintain life on a clean and habitable planet. From massive turbines resting in the bottom of a riverbed, to the height of a windmill along the plains, to the roof of a sunny home in west Arizona, we will always need technicians to maintain a clean, smart, and energized world.

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