A Report On The Bike Share Program Essay

A Report On The Bike Share Program Essay

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The bike share program will have five different main points: The docking station, Anti-theft technology, Payment Machine, the Solar Panel system, Lithium battery and motor. Construction will start as soon as the city of San Jose will give the permit.
Docking Stations
The docking stations will be provided across the San Jose State University and San Jose area. Queensland University, in the journal Transportation research part D, people tend to use the bike share program if only the docking station is accessible. The accessibility of the bike share program will determine the result of the program itself because people are not willing to pay and use the program if the program is time consuming. The study also shows that the program itself will not be effective if the targets are not being chosen wisely. Most of the time the charging stations will be provided to anyone, but this program will be focusing more on students in San Jose State University. The goal is to engage and attract the program to the university student before it will be launched widely across the city.
Anti Theft Technology
The question arises when it comes to security. People should not be afraid because of the security of the bike. The bike will also be protected by auto-alarm, camera, and GPS on the bike. Every time the bike being parked or taken away, the security system will record the movement. According to the business insider, there are millions of dollars are being invested in the bike share program in China, yet people main concerns are the safety aspects of the bike. Many companies in China use GPS as their main security, and the Bolt-Bike-Share program will also apply the same system. As long the user report if their bike had been stolen, the pr...

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... from the used bike and the company will modify it to make it as good as the standard. The next thing is to assemble the bike with the motor and battery, the process will be expected to be very fast since the motor and battery will not be as complicated as gadget or big machine. Lastly, the company is supposed to deploy the charging stations throughout the city, and they are ready to go.
The goal of this project
The goal is to minimize the natural gas consumption and raise the awareness of sustainable lifestyle. People are expected to be more concern on nature and their healthy lifestyle. There are 3 objectives outcome that this program will be trying to achieve:
- Reduce at least 10% of the total car that are being used around The San Jose area.
- Increase the awareness of the sustainable living around students in San Jose area.
- Reduce the natural gas consumption.

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