Essay on A Report On The And G Bands

Essay on A Report On The And G Bands

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D- and G-bands represent sp3 (disordered graphite) and sp2 (ordered graphite) bonding, respectively. The relative crystallinity of the materials was determined from the intensity ratio (D/G) of G-band and D-band. The ID/IG ratios of Figs. 8(a), (b), and (c) are 1.423, 1.685, and 1.012, respectively. Because the ID/IG ratio of Fig. 8(c) was close to 1, the bonding ratios of sp3 and sp2 were similar. As the intensity of Fig. 8(c) was higher than those of Figs. 8(a) and (b), the crystallinity of the material in Fig. 8(c) was relatively higher.

3.7 Thermogravmetric Analysis
The mass change and thermal characteristics of the synthesized mesoporous SiO2 and mesoporous SiO2-CNFs composites with temperature were investigated by TGA in N2 atmosphere, and the result is shown in Fig. 9. TG analysis was conducted as follows: each sample less than 30 mg was collected in N2 atmosphere at temperatures ranging from 25 °C to 800 °C, and the gas flow and heating rate were adjusted to 40 mL/min and 10 °C/min, respectively. As shown in Fig. 9(a), the TG curve of mesoporous SiO2 showed a decrease in the mass in the temperature range ~550–600 °C. In Fig. 9(b), the TG curve of mesoporous SiO2-CNFs composite also showed a rapid decrease in mass in the range temperature range ~550–600 °C, indicating the presence of mesoporous SiO2. The content of mesoporous SiO2 in the mesoporous SiO2-CNFs composite was estimated to be 7 wt%.

3.8 Cyclic Voltammetry
Fig. 10 shows the cyclic voltammograms, when synthesized CNFs and mesoporous SiO2-CNFs composites were used as the anode materials of Li secondary battery at a current of 100 mA/g in the potential range of 0.1–2.0 V (vs. Li/Li+).
In lithium adsorption and desorption reactions of an electrode, particular si...

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...h theoretical capacity of Si. As shown in (b)–(c), the capacity varied depending on the preparation methods of mesoporous SiO2–CNFs composites. Mesoporous SiO2–CNFs composites, synthesized after depositing Fe–Cu catalyst and mesoporous SiO2 on Ni foam did not show relatively good performances compared to the case of binder free, probably SiO2 could not play its role, because the carbon nanofibers were grown the presence of Fe–Cu catalyst.
In contrast, as shown in Fig. 12(c), mesoporous SiO2–CNFs composites synthesized after depositing mesoporous SiO2 on Ni foam without catalyst showed the growth of carbon nanofibers, because Ni foam played a role as the catalyst. Thus, (c) had higher capacity because mesoporous SiO2 than (b) in which many carbon nanofibers were grown. Moreover, carbon nanofibers were appropriately grown. Thus, the retention rate was relatively high.

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