Essay on A Report On The Advertising Board

Essay on A Report On The Advertising Board

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Here is a photo: There is a supermarket in the photo, and outside is a dummy holing an advertising board wrote about: you can buy everything you want from here. we have all the stuff for all ages. It is common for a supermarket has the slogan looks like that, and the weird thing is people always can find what they need, and people will buy something what they aren’t prepare to buy before they into the market. So, why people are be willing to pay the money for marketers even they are not needed the product what holing in their hands while they were in the market? The biggest problem in the world is all kind of misleading advertisements manipulate the consumer.
This advertising board is basically about the marketers want to persuade people to buy their product, and the result is they are successful for selling their products. The reason is they know what kinds of stuffs are suitable for all kinds of people, and they know how to sell the product in easy ways. In the article “When Good Celebrities Promote Bad Foods,” Sifferlin Alexandra states that celebrities promote unhealthy food and drinks, and right now it is a big issues in the world, “Governments and influential health advocates around the world, spooked that their nations ' kids will become as fat as America 's, are cracking down on the marketers they blame for the explosion in childhood obesity”(Alexandra 1). For instance, “Beyonce and Shaquille O’Neal, both of whom also endorse sodas, which are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic”(2). As we all know, Beyonce is a popular singer, and she has a good stature which most people covet for. Shaquille O’Neal who is a famous basketball star who had won a lot of championship rings with his strong body. Most adole...

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...ople used to buy things that we saw it first time, and people would not like that product after few weeks. As a result, the best choice is put your favorite product in the shopping bag, don’t buy it unless it is in your shopping bag for a long time.
In all, marketers are smarter than we thought, and they know how to use the advertisements manipulate the consumer. They know how to persuade people to buy their product, even if their product doesn’t needed by people. They are playing different juggling to different kinds of people. They use athlete-endorsed food and drinks appeal to youth teenagers; They use data made from laboratory to shows adults that the authority of the certification; They use concern from old people to descendant to make money from them. But we should avoid to be caught in marketer’s trap, and to buy all kinds of things with a clearly head.

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