A Report On Sleeping Sickness Essay

A Report On Sleeping Sickness Essay

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After the First International Conference on the sleeping sickness in 1907, I was sent to the Gold Coast in West Africa to study the disease and provide new ways for the British Government to combat the disease. Sleeping sickness is a vector-borne, a parasitic pathogen, disease spread by the tsetse fly. The disease comes in multiple stages. The first stage’s symptoms include fever, itchiness, joint pain, and mild headaches. The second stage is how the disease gets its name because people who get to this stage have insomnia, numbness, and confusion. Reaching the second stage of the disease can be fatal, and this is when many deaths from the disease occur. Now, five years after the conference I believe I have some fresh ideas to help not just the health of our own, but keep our workers healthy to continue to promote the value of raw materials here, especially gold. At the Conference on Sleeping Sickness, we saw some much- needed international cooperation on this disease. Great colonial powers worked together, including ourselves (the United Kingdom), Germany, France, and Portugal. This conference gave us a great map on how to begin to intervene with sleeping sickness. We must as well keep in mind our own interests and be careful of spending too many resources on the natives.
First, I believe we should look at some of the recommendations outlined in the First Convention on Sleeping Sickness. I was instructed to begin to put these ideas and restrictions in place in the Gold Coast. These ideas were created at the conference in 1907. Many of the statistics that they had received were from the Ugandan colony. Nearly two out of every three people had fallen victim to the disease in the infected area. At first, the conference focused on h...

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...e of dealing with sleeping sickness. We need to continue to push through and fight this deadly disease. Doing so is not only humane, but it is also beneficial to the British government as a whole. With the threat of rebellion and the growth of this disease the holding of the Gold Coast continues to become harder, but by persisting in our efforts to contain and eradicate this disease we can kill two birds with one stone. The natural resources of the Gold Coast are too valuable to give up without a fight. We must look to other countries and colonies in Africa as they continue to deal with similar circumstances. Colonies are what keep the British empire strong, and the Gold Coast is at an impasse to see whether we can keep this important colony. My experiences here will hopefully help the government make more informed and efficient decisions on how to end this impasse.

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